About me

Hello 👋 nice to meet you ! Welcome to my personal website 🌐

Who am i 🧑‍🚀

I started very early in programming, when my father taught me my first “hello world” when i was a child. In such days, the internet was something only for privileged users. I also remember programming with one of my friends during days on an old and cold garret, throwing lines of code in an Amstrad computer.

I studied at a technical college the basics of computer systems, networks and computer science subjects. Then i continued my own learning path till today, backed with production experience.

I love my profession because i believe we are changing society in a positive way, by optimizing our time and resources. The internet made us more free and interconnected. All the people can learn regardless the amount of money they have. They just need a computer and a internet connection. Thats so powerful !

I am a minimalist. I like simple things that work and have deep understanding about the internals.

I want to help preserving the internet as i met it. Free and open. Thats the reason because i fully support the use of open standards, the GNU/Linux operating system and decentralized technologies.

What i do 🏗️

I do professional backend software engineering since 2012. I have wide experience working in distributed cloud software. Also, im currently starting contributing to blockchain projects.

Whats my tech stack 🧰

I currently work with Go and Rust programming languages. I also have experience in creating and maintaining Kubernetes clusters.

I make all the software i do observable with Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards.

How can i help you 🤝

I can provide consultancy services for companies of all sizes. From teams which are starting the digitalization of their business, to more mature companies, which needs help for refining processes, improving team communications, mentoring or simply optimize the way they do software.

Lets talk ! Drop me a message ✉️ and tell me your needs 💬